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Be the Artist: Back to Life
Thursday, July 8, 2010

Read the amazing story of the girl Jesus healed in Mark 5:22–24, 35–43.

Make your own presentation of this story by copying or tracing these figures onto a paper to make different characters and a variety of scenes. You can photocopy these pages and enlarge them to make them easier to trace. Or color the figures and items and cut them out and paste them onto a paper to create your own story collage. (See "Back to Life" for an example of how these figures can be used.)

The options are endless for how you can “be the artist” and use these figures when drawings get-well cards, pictures for your younger brothers or sisters, posters for friends, and so much more.

Don’t miss “Back to Life”—the amazing story of how Jesus raised a little girl from the dead. And if you want to make your own color storybook or flannelgraph to retell this story yourself, you’ll find those projects here, to fill up many happy hours.

Illustrated by Didier Martin.
Copyright © 2010 by The Family International
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