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All That I Have
Wednesday, October 19, 2022

God sees all the little things that we give and share with others. It makes God happy when we share what we have.

One time Jesus was talking to a huge crowd of five thousand people in a field. The people had no food, and everyone was hungry. A little boy came and gave Jesus his lunch.

“That’s not enough food for everyone,” some people said.

Jesus just smiled at His little friend and took the food and blessed it. “Feed it to the hungry people,” Jesus said.

They started passing out the boy’s food, and instead of running out, there was more and more and more! Soon everyone had food, including Jesus and His little friend, with lots left over.

Another time, Jesus was sitting in the Temple. Lots of people were coming in and giving money for God’s work. Some rich people were proud of how much money they gave. As Jesus watched, a very poor lady came in and gave two small coins. Jesus smiled and said, “That poor widow has just put in more than all the other people. She gave everything she had.” God blessed her and took good care of her.


Well, I have a couple of fish and five loaves of bread. What should I do with them?

Two little fishes, five loaves of bread.
Jesus fed five thousand people when the little boy gave his all.
He gave it gladly to the Lord that day.
Something wonderful happens when you give your all away.

He said,

“All that I have, I will give all to Jesus,
All of the big things and little pieces.
All that I have, I will give all to Jesus,
I will give Him everything.”

[Repeat Chorus]

“I will give Him everything.”

One poor widow, two tiny coins.
When the lady gave the money, she was giving everything she had.
She gave it gladly to the Lord that day.
You can be sure that Jesus blessed her in a wonderful way.

She said,

[Repeat chorus twice]

“I will give Him everything.”

Taken from the album Great Adventures 2. Vocals by Cathy Gehr.
Copyright © 1996 by Aurora Production AG. Used by permission.
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