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The Adventures of Trudge and Zippy: Kizzy, Bugle, and the Honey
Monday, May 23, 2022

Trudge and Zippy were walking through the forest, when two bees buzzed past.

“I’ll get you!” buzzed a bee.

“Stop chasing me!” cried the other bee. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Pilot?” Zippy asked.

“I can’t talk now. I must catch Kizzy. She stole my honey!”

“Did not!” shouted Kizzy as she swerved between the trees. After a few minutes, Kizzy was growing tired. “Save me!” she cried.

But neither Trudge nor Zippy knew what to do.

“I’ve almost got you now!” Pilot said.

He flew closer, grabbed ahold of Kizzy and flew her down to the ground. Kizzy let out a cry.

“Tell me where my honey is,” Pilot said angrily.

“I don’t have it anymore,” Kizzy answered. She started to cry.

“You ate it all?” Pilot asked.

“No, I just don’t have it. I’m sorry.”

But Pilot only got angrier, which made Kizzy cry harder.

“Pilot, she said she was sorry,” Trudge said.

“But she still took my honey.”

“Even if that’s the case, making her cry isn’t going to get your honey back,” Zippy said.

Pilot huffed and let go of Kizzy. “I’m still angry at you,” he told her.

“What happened?” Zippy asked.

Kizzy stuttered between her sobs: “I … I…”

“You know you did it,” Pilot said. “You don’t have an excuse.”

“Pilot, please give Kizzy a chance to explain why she took the honey,” Trudge said.

“Yes, tell us what happened,” Trudge said to Kizzy.

“Well, I left the hive this morning…”

It was a perfect day to collect nectar, and Kizzy set out from the hive bright and early. She thanked God for giving her such a beautiful day and such a happy home, and then she buzzed around searching for the brightest, sweetest blossoms.

A sad moan echoed through the air. Kizzy followed the sound and found a bear cub curled up in the bushes. She flew down to get a closer look.

“What’s wrong?” she asked the cub.

“I’m lost!” he cried.

“Oh dear. What happened?”

“I was playing, and I wasn’t staying very close to my mommy. When I turned around, she was gone. I can’t find her anywhere. I’m scared, and I’m hungry.”

“What’s your name?” asked Kizzy.


“Well, Bugle, maybe I can help you,” Kizzy offered. “If you’re hungry, would some honey cheer you up?”

“I love honey!”

“Then wait right here. I’ll be back.”

Kizzy settled the cub near some bushes, then set off for her hive.

She made trips back and forth, carrying honey from the hive in little leaves. Bugle would lick the honey off the leaves, while Kizzy hurried back to the hive to get more. But before long, Kizzy’s honey had run out.

“Are you still hungry?” she asked Bugle.

“A little bit.”

Kizzy thought for a minute. What should I do? Oh, that’s an excellent idea!

Kizzy went back to the hive. “Pilot! Pilot,” she called. But no answer came.

“He must be out collecting nectar. I’ll borrow a little of his honey and let him know when I see him. I can give him some of mine when I make more. I’m sure he won’t mind.”

Kizzy scooped up some of Pilot’s honey, put it on the leaves, and flew back to Bugle.

“Thank you so much, Kizzy,” Bugle said. “I feel a lot better.” He yawned and stretched.

“Why don’t you take a little nap, Bugle, while I go see if I can find your mother?”

“You’re a very kind bee.”

“I’m just glad that I can help.”

Kizzy flew off while Bugle curled up and went to sleep. Before long, Kizzy returned with Bugle’s mother.

“Thank you for helping my lost Bugle,” his mother said to Kizzy.

“You’re very welcome. Bye!”

Kizzy set off to search for more nectar. Suddenly, she heard Pilot’s angry voice calling her name. Uh-oh, she thought. He doesn’t sound very happy.

“I’m sorry, Kizzy,” Pilot said. “I was having a bad day. I should’ve let you explain what happened first.”

“That’s okay,” Kizzy answered. “And I’ll be sure to make up all the honey I took from you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I have enough honey.”

“See, it helps to talk things out,” Trudge said.

“We all have our misunderstandings, even with our friends,” said Zippy.

“It’s always better to talk things out before getting angry, as maybe you don’t understand everything.”

“You’re right,” Pilot said. “I’ll try to remember that for next time.”

“You know, all this talk of honey is making me hungry,” Zippy said, licking his lips.

“Well, follow me, friends,” Pilot said. “I think I still have some honey to share.”

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Authored by Katiuscia Giusti. Illustrated by Hugo Westphal. Designed by Roy Evans.
Featured on My Wonder Studio.
Copyright © 2004 by Aurora Production AG. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.
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