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Proverbs for Kids: Resolving Conflicts
Monday, September 27, 2021

Proverb: A person who quickly gets angry causes trouble. But a person who controls his temper stops a quarrel.1

Learning to work out your differences with good communication and listening is how you resolve conflicts. Sometimes this is not easy, especially if you disagree with a friend or sibling, and it can cause you to feel angry or frustrated. It is okay to be upset when things go wrong, but acting in anger will not fix the problem.

Use kind words to help you resolve your conflict. Gently and considerately talk with your friend or sibling about what has upset you and why, and then discuss potential solutions without blaming each other. Ask your parent or teacher for help if you are having a hard time finding a solution. Talking about what has upset you and listening to the other person’s side can help you to find a positive solution that will end the conflict and strengthen your friendship.

Bible Character Highlight

Abraham and his nephew Lot both had large flocks of sheep, but they were having some problems. Their combined flocks were too many and could not graze and water at the same time. This was making those watching the sheep frustrated and angry. Instead of allowing these difficult circumstances to continue to cause the shepherds to fight about it, Abraham and Lot talked together. They came to a solution that would give each flock of sheep the grazing land and water they needed and end the conflict.

Read about Abraham and Lot solving their problem in Genesis 13:5–11.

1 Proverbs 15:18 ICB

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