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Jesus and Me: When You Wake Up
Monday, September 5, 2022

When you wake up in the morning, lie still for a few minutes, and if you are quiet, you can hear Me speak to you. I like to talk to you because you’re so special to Me. You can talk to Me too. Tell Me whatever you want, and I’ll listen.

You can ask Me to give you a happy day and help you to be kind and caring with your friends. You can tell Me about something you are looking forward to or even something you might be worried about. I like it when you talk to Me first thing in the morning.

Taking time with Me makes Me a part of your day, and that way, you can stay extra close to Me.

Authored by Lyra Anouk. Illustrated by Agnes Lemaire. Colored by Doug Calder.
Designed by Roy Evans.
Illustration copyright © 2004 by Aurora Production.
Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2022 by The Family International
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