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I Get Along with My Brother
Monday, February 14, 2022

Chorus 1

Oh, oh, I get along with my brother.

Believe it or not, we’re the closest of friends.

But we had to learn to give in to each other,

Forgive all the hurt and be happy again.

Verse 1

My brother and I, we had some trouble.

Our holiday together should’ve been such fun.

We’d try to agree about what to do,

But the problem was, we were quarrelsome!

He’d want to go running, I’d want to go swimming.

We both couldn’t wait to play together outside,

But most of the time we just weren’t willing

To let the other one decide.

Oh, oh! Couldn’t agree with each other!

Verse 2

He tried to get me to come out and run.

I told him, “Swimming is a lot more fun!”

We did not swim. We did not run!

We’d argue and fuss till the day was done!

Now, I didn’t really want to get mad at my brother,

But we went too far, and we lost our cool!

Oh, how unhappy we made each other,

’Cause we wouldn’t do what the other wanted to!

Verse 3

Then my brother said, “Hey! What’s wrong with us?

Why aren’t we havin’ fun when we go out to play?

It’s beautiful weather; we should get it together,

And have a good time instead of wastin’ the day!”

Then I thought to myself, “Yeah, this is a bummer!

I’m going to have to try to work it out with him,

’Cause if we really want to make the most of this summer,

Well, one of us will just have to give in!”

We had to learn to give in to each other!

Brother to brother!

Verse 4

I told him I was sorry for just pushing my way,

Thinking ’bout only what I wanted to do.

“If you wanna go running, well, that’s okay!”

I said, as I was puttin’ on my tennis shoes.

So after we’d been running for a couple of hours,

My brother said, “Hey! How about us takin’ a swim?”

He was happy, knowing he could get along with me,

And I was feeling good to know

That I can get along with him!

Chorus 2

Oh, I get along with my brother.

Believe it or not, we’re the closest of friends!

Now that we’ve learned to give in to each other,

Oh, oh, we’re happy again!

Featured on I Like to Sing.
Lyrics and music by Roberto Adan, Billy Blanco Jr., Jeremy Spencer. Vocals: Jeremy Spencer.
NuBeat Music Group © 2006–2015. All Rights Reserved.
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