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Grandpa Jake’s Storybook: Crew and Co.: Start ... Stop!
Monday, November 21, 2022

It was a beautiful spring day. Grandpa Jake and Tristan were out in the garden, clearing weeds and planting flowers.

Saturday was Grandpa Jake's day in the garden, and because Tristan didn't have school on Saturday, they had decided to plant their bulbs and seeds that day.

But after planting only three bulbs, Tristan plopped down on the lawn. “I'm bored!” he said.

Grandpa Jake stood up from a nearby flowerbed. “I'm sorry to hear that. But you haven't finished planting all your tulip bulbs.”

“I know, but I want to do something else now.”

“Well, I have a story to tell you. While we finish planting these bulbs, I'll tell you all about it.”


* * *

Near Crew and Co.'s latest building site, a circus was being set up. The large yellow and blue circus tent stood in the middle, and around it were other smaller tents, as well as trucks, trailers, and animal cages. Everyone on the circus team was busy with preparations for the show.

At the nearby construction site, Con Crete Mixer told his brother Con Crete Pump, “I'm getting bored of just turning my mixer round and round. I'd like to try something different … something more interesting.”

“Me too,” Pump agreed. “All I do is shoot the wet cement out wherever it’s supposed to go. And that’s my job every day!”

“Let’s do something different then,” suggested Mixer, “like checking out the circus.”

“Do you think we can?” asked Pump.

“I can keep mixing while we're over there, and you have to wait before you can do your next job.”

“True, and we won't be gone for long. Let's go.”

At the circus grounds, they came across the ringmaster, walking around in his tall hat and tailcoat.

“Howdy, boys!” Ringmaster Sheffield greeted them. “Checking out the circus?”

“Yes, sir,” they replied.

“Today's first show has just ended, but you're welcome to look around.”

Soon Mixer and Pump realized that they'd been away from the construction site for over an hour.

“Oops!” said Pump. “We'd better get back to work. Maybe we can come again tomorrow to see what we didn't get to see today.”

“Count me in,” Mixer said.

Over the following days, the two brothers made short visits to the circus grounds.

“I'd love to work at a circus,” Pump said. “It'd be much more exciting than the work I do now.”

“Hello there,” said Ringmaster Sheffield, as he came out of his trailer. “I've seen you two around here a lot these last few days. Are you thinking of taking up a circus act?” he added with a chuckle.

“Wish we could,” Mixer said with a sigh.

“I had an idea,” said Sheffield, “of something you'd probably be good at, Pump. And Mixer could give you a hand.”

“What is it?” Pump asked excitedly.

“Instead of shooting concrete mix out of your long spout, we could put a bubble mixture in your tank, and you could blow bubbles. Kids would absolutely love it! I've even thought of a name for your act—'Tumbling Bubbles.’”

“I like it, don't you, Mixer?” Pump said enthusiastically.

“Yes, a lot,” replied Mixer. “And how would I help?”

“You can help attract the crowds,” Sheffield said. “You'll make an excellent team. What do you think?”

“Count us in!” the two brothers exclaimed.

“You can start tomorrow, if you like,” replied Sheffield. “I'll let the staff know that you'll be here.”

The following morning, Pump and Mixer headed straight for the circus grounds to practice. They were so excited about their new job that they didn't let Mr. Oversite know that they'd be gone. Ringmaster Sheffield poured the bubble solution into Pump's tank and said he'd see them later.

“What's the biggest bubble you can make?” Mixer asked Pump.

Pump blew hard, trying to make a big bubble. But because he was used to working with thick concrete mixture instead of a very thin bubble mixture, thousands of bubbles shot out of his spout, covering the surrounding area in a blanket of bubbles.

“I guess that didn't work so well,” Pump said with a chuckle. “I'll try again.”

Meanwhile, at the construction site, Mr. Oversite was asking everyone if they'd seen the Con Crete Brothers.

“Neither of them came to work this morning, sir,” Dozer replied. “And over the last few days they've often been gone.”

“I wonder what they're up to,” Mr. Oversite thought aloud. “We need them now so we can start laying the foundation for this building. Everyone's waiting on them. This is not good! Dozer, let me know immediately if you see them.”

“Sure, boss.”

I hope they haven't gotten themselves into any trouble, Mr. Oversite thought, as he headed for his foreman trailer.

“Dugs, what's going on over there?” Little Digger asked.


“At the circus grounds. Look at all those bubbles.”

“Wow, there sure are a lot of bubbles! Look, some of the tents and trailers are completely covered in bubbles.”

Things hadn't been going well for Pump. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get it right, and thousands of bubbles were coming out of his spout, covering everything. At first Pump and Mixer had thought it was funny, but before long Mixer began getting annoyed with Pump. “Stop messing around, and do it properly,” he said in frustration.

“I'm trying my best, but it's just not working.”

“What's going on over here?” said Ringmaster Sheffield. “Pump! Mixer! This isn't what I told you to do!”

“We're sorry, Mr. Sheffield,” Mixer said apologetically. “Pump is having a hard time making the bubbles.”

“So I see.” Sheffield did not think it was funny. “I'm sorry, Pump, but I'm going to have to switch your pump off. It's raining and pouring bubbles, and people aren't happy. Maybe I was wrong about you guys being able to help out. You're probably better at your real jobs. I'm sorry about that.”

Pump and Mixer were disappointed as they headed back to the construction site with a trail of bubbles following them.

“What's with all the bubbles?” Dozer asked as they reached the site.

“Never mind,” Pump said sadly. “I'd rather not talk about it.”

“Pump! Mixer! There you are!” It was Mr. Oversite. “I hope you two have a good reason as to why you weren't here today.”

“Um, kind of…” muttered Mixer.

Mixer and Pump explained all about the circus, Sheffield's offer, and the mess they had made.

“We're really sorry that we neglected our jobs today,” said Pump. “We thought being part of a circus would be more fun than working at the construction site. But we didn't do so well, and nothing went as we hoped it would.”

“That's okay,” Mr. Oversite said. “But because you weren't here today, I'll need the two of you to come in early tomorrow so that you can get a head start on your work and we can get back on schedule. I hope you learned a good lesson about sticking with your job until it's done.”

“We have, sir,” Pump said. “We'll be here early tomorrow morning, we promise.”

* * *

“I'd like to finish planting my tulip bulbs,” Tristan said, once the story was over. “It's important for me to stick with my job until it's done.”

“Once we're done out here, we can do something else,” said Grandpa Jake. “You can choose.”

“Thank you,” Tristan said. “I'll think of something fun.”

Moral: It's important to learn to do a job all the way through. Even if it's not your favorite job, see it through till it's finished, and you'll feel happy with what you've done.

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Authored by Katiuscia Giusti. Illustrated by Agnes Lemaire. Colored by Doug Calder. Designed by Roy Evans.
Featured on My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2008 by Aurora Production AG, Switzerland. All Rights Reserved.
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