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Beautiful, Wonderful World
Monday, July 19, 2021

Verse 1

On the very first day that ever was,

God made the heavens and the Earth because

He does things in big ways,

(Child: And in small ways, too!)

He planned on making a world just for you and me.

Verse 2

It was on the second day

He made the day and night.

The night He called (God: “The dark!”).

And the day He called (God: “The light!”).

Then came all the oceans with rolling waves in motion.

He planned on making a world just for you and me.


All God’s children all around the world,

Let’s clap, and sing, and dance, and twirl,

And thank God for creating a beautiful, wonderful world.

Verse 3

Green grass and flowers came on day number three,

And God must have had some fun

Making all the trees. (God: “Terrific!”)

It was on the fourth day

Sun, moon, and stars were made.

He was making a world just for you and me.

Verse 4

On the fifth day, God looked up at the sky,

And He thought to himself,

(God: “Hmm, let’s see, maybe I should go ahead and create some birds

So that their songs can be heard?

And I’ll put fish in the sea; yes, that sounds good to Me!”)

Verse 5

Right on the sixth day, with His loving hands,

God made the other animals,

And then He made a man. (Adam: “Hi!”)

His name was Adam, and to his delight.

(Adam: “Wow!”) God made a woman,

And she became his wife. (Eve: “Hi, Adam!”) (Adam: “Hi, Eve!”)

Verse 6

After all the hard work of creating everything,

God took a break to listen to the birdies sing.

On day number seven God rested up in Heaven.

The angels all joined in and began to sing!

(God: “Everybody, now!”)

A beautiful, wonderful world! (God: “I created it all for you.”)

Lead vocals by Jerry Paladino. Music and lyrics by Peter Gehr.
Produced by Jerry Paladino and Peter Gehr.
Audio featured on album Great Adventures 1. NuBeat Music Group © 2006–2015. All Rights Reserved.
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