My Wonder Studio
Always with Me
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Verse 1:

When stars fill the sky and the day's at its end,

I talk to my Friend who's always with me.

And when I'm in my bed I don't have to be frightened,

I know my Friend Jesus is always with me, always with me.

Verse 2:

After Mommy's tucked me in,

Everything I tell to Him.

All the time I am speaking He is there,

Hearing my prayer, hearing my prayer.

Verse 3:

I am safe in the night, I have a Friend beside me.

I know Jesus is with me, He's always with me.

And if I should awake and Mom and Daddy are sleeping,

I know my Friend is with me, He's always with me, always with me.

Verse 4:

I know that He's not too busy

To take the time to care for me.

He knows my name and where I live,

His love is so big, His love is so big!

[Repeat verse 1]

Always with me.

Lead vocals and music by Jeremy Spencer. Lyrics by Jeremy Spencer and Cathy Gehr.
Copyright © 1999 The Family International.
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