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Activity: Proverbs for Kids: Friendship: A Friendship Tree
Monday, July 5, 2021

You will need:


Print out pages 2–5. Attach page 4 to the top of page 5 to form the tree. (For a sturdier tree, you can print these pages on cardstock, or glue the assembled tree onto a piece of cardstock or construction paper.)

Cut out the children on page 3 and glue them in front of the tree. Cut out the “Friendship Tree” label and glue it to the top of the tree.

Cut out the leaves and apples on page 2. On the leaves and apples, write different traits that make a good friend; for example, “honest,” “kind,” “good listener,” etc. Glue the leaves and apples onto the tree. Then post the assembled tree somewhere easy to see to remind you of what makes a good friendship.

Alternative idea: Instead of writing good friendship traits on the leaves and apples, you can write the name of a friend and a trait that makes that person a good friend; for example, “Owen is courteous,” “Janet is thoughtful,” etc.

On pages 6–9, you will find a black and white version of this activity. Assembly is done the same as explained in the instructions with the exception that you will want to allow time for coloring the contents of pages 6–9 before assembly.

Authored by Katiuscia Giusti. Illustrated by Didier Martin. Designed by Roy Evans.
Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2021 The Family International.
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